Local Flora: Spring/Summer BIO 351  2 Crs.


(Dr. John Rushin, Professor of Biology, Missouri Western State University)



         Plant Lists

           LeTaxPltCharsSV (Exam 1 & some material on Exam 2),  ForestFTrps,(Quiz I)   PraWlFTrpsII.ppt (Quiz II),  PraFldTrpsI (Quiz II)    SV = Shortened Versions

         PltFams1SV (Exams 1 & 2),

      PltFams2SV (Exams 1 & 2), PltFams3SV (Exam 2), PltFams4SV../ApoAsclPoaCypSV.ppt (Exam 2)

 * Verbenaceae/Scrophulariaceae  ../VerbScroph.ppt

BIO 351 concentrates on the native plants of forests, prairies, wetlands and various successional habitats in Northwest Missouri. The primary activities of the class will include 1.) lectures/discussions about native plants and their habitats, 2.) field station laboratories that examine plant characteristics, identification, classification, and herbarium work, 3.) field trips to some of the major plant association habitats in Northwest Missouri, and, 4.) plant and/or photographic collections.

Bio 351 is designed to meet the needs of MWSU biology majors by providing students with conceptual information and "hands-on" lab and field experiences with the native and naturalized flora of Northwest Missouri. Students are required to do a plant collection and do some preparation of plant materials for the MWSU Herbarium. (Students have the out some option of doing a photographic collection for a major part of their "plant collection" but some actual plant collection and preparation is required.) 

This course will include Thursday evening lecture/discussion/pw. pt. slide presentations and lab activities (6:30-9:00 PM) at the Conservation Building and Saturday morning field trips (8:00 AM-12:00 PM) according to the schedule.  The class will not meet every Thursday and Saturday.  See Schedule.  A few of the Saturday field trips may extend beyond the 12:00 noon return time but in these instances provisions will be made so that if necessary students can return back to the Conservation Building by 12:00 noon..