Here is a list of a few links to sites on the Internet with materials that may help you in this and other courses in the health sciences.

Anatomy Drill & Practice

Improving Retrieval of Memories: Mnemonic Devices

How to Study Effectively

Problem Solving Strategies

Info and Resources for Checking your Pulse


ACLS Overview of the Circulatory System for Kids

ACLS Oxygen and the Human Body

ACLS Guide to the Respiratory System

Anatomy of the Respiratory System

ACLS Guide to the Circulatory System

ACLS Anatomy of the Heart

ACLS Anatomy of the Heart (Different from above)

Some Cardiovascular System Basics

Help Learning the Arteries and Veins

Khan Academy (Free Videos on almost anything)

Education-Portal (Biology 101 and other courses)

Education-Portal (Anatomy & Physiology I)

Education-Portal (Anatomy & Physiology II)

Welcome to Human Anatomy Online

Get Body Smart

Anatomy Expert

The Skeleton

Practice Test on the Skull

Skeleton Practice Test

The Visible Human Project

Virtual Hospital

The Secret Life of the Brain

The Whole Brain Atlas

The 12 Cranial Nerves

The Human Body Systems Guide (Dental One Associates)

Cranial Nerves

The Biology Project (University of Arizona)

Human Anatomy On-Line

Visible Human Project

Guide to Tissues

The JayDoc HistoWeb Histology Site

University of Iowa Department of Pathology Histology Site

Kids' Guide to Human Body Systems

Kids Guide to the Circulatory System

Kids Guide to the Cardiovascular System

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