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Dr.  Mark Lewis, PhD
Information Systems & Operations Management Professor
Craig School of Business
Popplewell Hall
Missouri Western State University
St. Joseph, MO  64507

phone:  816-271-4273


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Moodle is MWSU's online course management system, although we may be moving to Canvas.

Goldlink,    MWSU Course Search

Serv-U  (otherwise known as the N, O and P drive)      

Library  (links to databases of journals used in research)

ERPsim Lab (Serious games for SAP ERP from HEC Montreal.)

Management Information Systems (Graduate level)

YouTube playlist of helpful videos (mostly Excel & SAP ERPSim related)

Acc/Mgt 418 Management Information Systems

The required textbook is online at -- they changed their business model in Spring 2014 to charge a relatively low amount for their textbooks, e.g. about $40.   Go to the site and search for MGT 418 or Missouri Western and you will find the book.  It is Information Systems: A Managerís Guide to Harnessing Technology, Version 4.0 by John Gallaugher.

Here's a link to a database using an update query and here's my Access Help playlist on YouTube.

If you are an online student, I strongly recommend you become familiar with Moodle, because there are no in-class meetings, all communications are performed via Moodle (or email or a phone call or an office visit).   

 Miscellaneous class information contains various items of interest. 


MGT 416 Production / Operations Management

Video tutorials on Excel will be posted on the student-available O drive and/or my YouTube channel .

 -- My area of research is Operations Research (OR), which utilizes mathematical descriptions to find optimal or near-optimal solutions to management problems which may or may not be stochastic (i.e. contain some risk).  Examples include network routing, inventory management, product mix, investing, scheduling and many more. 

-- 84 MB Access database of 200 QUBO (aka UBQP or xQx) papers helpful in preparing QUBO Survey paper in Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (2014).

-- CTAP Example algorithm for 4 tasks assigned to 3 processors and the Capacitated Task Allocation Problem Set used in Lewis and Kochenberger's research on modifying Griffith and Stewart's Method of Approximation Programming for binary quadratic programs.

-- Linear Ordering of web pages based on path traversals stored in server logs.

 -- Data Files for difficult instances of the Unconstrained Binary Quadratic ProgramGeneralized Vertex Cover ProblemLinear Ordering Problem, Set Partitioning Problem, Sailor Assignment Problem as well as links to tabu search programs and problem-set creation code.

-- Data Files for Real-World Complex Networks used in preprocessing of binary quadratic problems.





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Caneel Bay, USVI

Astrophotography using 80mm Enhanced Dispersion optics refractor.


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