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Information on subsidized and non-subsidized loans is available on the Financial Aid web site


The following scholarships are funded by the Graduate School and/or the MWSU Foundation.


Only degree seeking students in good standing and admitted to a program are eligible for scholarships. Current graduate students must have a 3.0 GPA. If you have not yet been admitted to your degree program by the deadline your scholarship application will not be considered. Graduate Assistants generally are not eligible for institutional graduate scholarships other than those that are included with their Graduate Assistantships.

NOTE: If you are graduating in May, please send transcripts of all work to date to admissions so that you can be admitted conditional on the granting of your degree (you will need to send an official transcript showing your degree as soon as it is available).

Length of Scholarship

These scholarships are generally awarded for ONE YEAR and must be re-applied for during your second year.

Non-resident Fee Scholarship

  • Reduces tuition to In-State level

Graduate Scholarship

  • $250 - $2,500/semester (Amounts awarded are dependent on funding available.)
    • Undergraduate or Graduate GPA of 3.0
    • Acceptance in a MWSU graduate program

Application Process and Deadlines

Complete a Scholarship Application and send it to the office of the Graduate Dean. The deadline for priority consideration is March 15th. Additional funds (if any) will be allocated July 15th.

A letter of application in addition to the scholarship form will make your application stronger. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your graduate program will also make your application stronger.

Credit Hours Requirements

If a scholarship has a credit hours requirement (e.g., 6 hours per semester), and completion of your degree requires fewer than the number of credits required for your scholarship, you can keep your scholarship and enroll in the number of credits required for completion of your degree. In this instance, however, your scholarship will be reduced to a maximum value of the cost of tuition and fees for the credits you are taking. For example, if you only need 3 credit hours to graduate, and your scholarship normally provides $1,500 per semester, it will be reduced in your final semester to the cost of tuition and fees for 3 hours.

Students who choose to take fewer than the number of required hours for reasons other than degree completion shall have their scholarships reduced to $500 per semester maximum.

Financial Aid Procedures

Scholarships are awarded using the standard Missouri Western Financial Aid policies. 1/2 of your annual scholarship is awarded each semester.

Direct Cost Limitation (Effective 2010-11)

The combined total of Western and Foundation scholarships may not exceed the recipient's actual charges for tuition and related fees, course related fees, admissions fees, campus housing and meal plan costs. No portion of Western and Foundation scholarship funds may be disbursed to the recipient in the form of cash or a "credit balance" check. Scholarships specifically allocated for the payment of book costs will be exempt from this policy.

Summer Scholarships

If there are unspent funds, there may be scholarships available for summer coursework. Please complete a scholarship application and submit it before May 1st.


Scholarship Application