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Ron Capps, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Department of Communication Studies & Theatre
Missouri Western State University

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Murphy Hall-207 - I

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(816) 271-4443

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(816) 271-5987


(660) 928-3454


(816) 244-2237


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nicheprof@gmail.com Primary ALWAYS USE THIS eMail Copy the Secondary

capps@missouriwestern.edu  Secondary

Office Hours:

 12:00-12:30; 2:00-3:30 T & TH

Old Vitae

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Text: Communication in Everyday Life: The Basic Course Edition with Public Speaking

Steve Duck - University of Iowa
David T. McMahan - Missouri Western State University
ISBN 978-1-4833-4498-0

Student Companion Internet Site

Syllabus for Dr. Capps' Sections of COM 104

Video Showing How to Create a Blogger Blog

Working Schedule for Assignments

Letter of Understanding

PowerPoint Presntation Tips:

How to get an A in a course!  

Scared Speechless! 

Tips on Public Speaking from the SUNY-Plattsburg 

Sample Informative Speeches:

Stan Freberg - John and Marsha

You too can survive

Dr. Capps' MWSU COM 104 3:30 Section on last day of the class they called the "MOST FUN" they had ever had in a college class!

Spring 2016 Class Schedule:

Oral Communication - COM104 09-201610  - 12:30-1:50 T & Th  Murphy Hall 224

Oral Communication - COM104 11-201610  - 3:30-4:50 T & Th  Murphy Hall 224

Online Writing Lab APA Style Sheet

Sample APA Outline for Informative Speech  

Fun - Inspiration - Motivation

These are just a few link to things that may brighten your day; inspire you to think; motivate you in some small way.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Download All PowerPoints here

Speech Evaluation Sheets:

Three Items Speech

Informative Speech

Persuasive Speech

Study Guides:

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