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Dr. Britton Johnson

Dr. Britton Johnson
Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Missouri Western State University
Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Office:  Looney Complex, Room 214F
Phone:  (816) 271-4309

Missouri Western State University Links:

PED 101  Fitness and Wellness
PED 111  Beginning Curling
PED 191  Foundations of Physical Education
PED 240  Methods and Techniques of Lifetime Activities
PED 241  Methods and Techniques of Sport

PED 244  Methods and Techniques of Team Sports - No longer offered
PED 246  Methods and Techniques of Dance and Gymnastics
PED 370  Methods in Teaching Health and Physical Education
PED 375  Socio-Cultural Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
PED 380  Rhythms and Creative Movements
PED 382  Elementary School Physical Education
PED 383  Adapted Physical Education

PED 384  Child Growth and Development - No longer offered
PED 392  Child Growth and Development
PED 420  Senior Seminar In Physical Education
PED 450  Independent Research
PED 480  Practicum In Physical Education
PED 481  Children's Lifetime Sports Academy

EDU 409  Secondary Student Teaching III




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