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To continue to pursue excellence in teaching undergraduate courses in Biology; to engage undergraduate students in meaningful research experiences; to make contributions to the educational community at Missouri Western State University and beyond.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses in General Biology for nonmajors, Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics; mentoring of undergraduate research students.

Research Interests

Synthetic Biology, or the use of engineering principles and molecular biology tools to design and construct genetic circuits in living cells that enable them to function as biological devices with broad applications.  Specific interest in the construction of bacterial computers that can solve mathematical or biological problems.


University of Minnesota, Duluth          Major Chemistry, Minor Biology          B.S. 1981

Purdue University                               Molecular Genetics                              Ph.D 1989

University of Wisconsin, Madison       Virology                                              Post-Doc 1989-1992

Academic Positions

Missouri Western State University         Professor of Biology                                         2001-present

Missouri Western State College            Associate Professor of Biology                          1997-2001

Missouri Western State College            Assistant Professor of Biology                           1993-1997


2011                    Missouri Western Board of Governors Distinguished Professor Award

2008                    James V. Mehl Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award

2006                    Missouri Western Board of Governors Distinguished Professor Award

2006                    Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society Yokely Faculty Service Award

2003                    Missouri Western Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award

2002                    James V. Mehl Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award

1999                    Missouri Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

1999                    Liberal Arts and Sciences Council of Chairpersons Award

1998                    Jesse Lee Meyers Excellence in Teaching Award       


Peer-Reviewed Publications (*denotes undergraduates)

Campbell, AM, Heyer LJ, Eckdahl TT, and Poet JL. 2012. Integrating Synthetic Biology into the Microbiology CurriculumPDF. Microbe 7, no. 10.


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Non-Refereed Publications

A. Malcolm Campbell, Meridith J. Nakano, Caroline J. Vrana, Todd T. Eckdahl, Jeffrey L, Poet, and Laurie J. Heyer.  2012. Providing Structure for Research Students Coming and Going.  CBE Life Sciences Education 11: 337-338. PDF.

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Peer-Reviewed Federal Grants


Eckdahl TT (PI), Poet JL.  Collaborative Research: RUI: BIOMAPS: Modular Programmed Evolution of Bacteria for Optimization of Metabolic Pathways. NSF MCB 1329350. $461,051 Awarded September 2013.

Eckdahl TT (PI), Poet JL.  RUI: MPS-BIO: Collaborative Research: Design and Construction of Second-Generation Bacterial Computers. NSF MCB 1120558. $200,001 Awarded September 2011.

Campbell AM (PI), Poet JL, Heyer LJ, Eckdahl TT. Workshop: Synthetic Biology Workshops for Interdisciplinary Teams of Undergraduate Faculty to be held Summers of 2012-2014 at Janelia Farm Conference Center (Ashburn, VA).  NSF DBI 1127271.  $269,700 Awarded August 2011.

Eckdahl TT (PI) and Poet JL.  Collaborative Research: UBM Group: Synthetic Biology Research for Undergraduates (SyBR-U).  NSF UBM DMS 0733955.  $172,904 Awarded August 2007.


Campbell AM (PI), Eckdahl TT, Heyer LJ. Collaborative Proposal: GCAT DNA Microarray Workshops for 2007, 2008, and 2009.  NSF DBI 0627478.  $404,704 Awarded April 2006.


Fowlks E (PI), Hoopes LL (PI), Campbell AM, Eckdahl TT, Heyer L, Ledbetter ML, Rosenwald A.  Microarray Workshops for Faculty Teaching Underrepresented Minorities.  NSF DBI.  $121,297 Awarded April 2005.


Hoopes LL (PI), Campbell AM, Eckdahl TT, Heyer L, and Salata, MW. Microarray Workshop for Undergraduate Faculty to be held Summer 2004 at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. NSF DBI 0408386. $39,640 Awarded February 2004.  


Eckdahl TT (PI), Baker JC, and Caldwell BD. Antitumor Drugs that Bind the DNA Minor Groove. NIH NCI Academic Research Enhancement Award. $132,000 Awarded July 2003.    


Hoopes LL (PI), Campbell AM, Eckdahl TT, Heyer L, and Salata, MW. Microarray Workshops for Undergraduate Faculty and Students: Rocket Science or Basic Science? To be held in Seattle, WA, Summer of 2003. NSF DBI IID/MU 0305176. $15,000 Awarded April 2003.  


Eckdahl TT (PI).  Evaluation of the Effects of Minor Groove Binders on Global Patterns of Gene Expression in Saccharaomyces cerevisiae.   NSF REU Supplement to DBI MUE grant.  $6045 Awarded February 2003.


Campbell AM (PI), Eckdahl TT, Heyer L, and Hoopes LL. “RUI: Acquisition of a DNA Microarray Reader System.” NSF DBI MUE 0099720. $105,390 Awarded July 2001.


Eckdahl TT (PI), Andresen WF, Ashley DC, Boutwell RA, and Crumley RE. "DNA Amplification Throughout the Biology Curriculum." NSF ILI. $59,180 Awarded May 1998.


Professional Activities

1994-Present. Research advisor to 70 undergraduate students who have been coauthors on 12 peer-reviewed publications and made  96 research presentations at state, regional, and national, and international conferences, winning 28 awards.


1998-Present.  Founding member of the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT), which has provided DNA microarrays to over 24,000 undergraduate students.  Lab coordinator and instructor for six NSF-sponsored GCAT microarray workshops that trained over 200 faculty members to use microarrays with students in teaching and research.  GCAT Founder and Director, Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College.


2005-Present. Founding member of Genomics Education Partnership established to engage undergraduate students in genomic sequence finishing and annotation.  Supported by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dr. Sarah Elgin, Director, Washington University.


2006-Present.  Research advisor to undergraduate student teams competing in the annual International Genetically Engineered Machines competitions.  2006 team awarded Best Oral Presentation, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 teams awarded Gold Medals.


2006-Present. Presentations on Synthetic Biology as a New Opportunity for Undergraduate Research.  MMHI GCAT Workshop (2012), Missouri Western GCAT Workshop (2011), Davidson College GCAT Workshop (2010), Morehouse College GCAT Workshop (2009), Park University (2008), Missouri State University (2008), Macalester College (2008), Missouri Academy of Science (2008), Conference on Applied Learning (2008), University of Minnesota, Duluth (2007), Washington U Bridging Teaching and Research Workshop (2006).


2005-Present. Lectures on adult and embryonic stem cell technology to 15 different community groups, including Rotary Club, Citizens Coalition, MS Society, Church groups, Optomists Club, Young Entrepreneurs Club, Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Western Eggs and Issues, Heartland Hospital Board, Heartland Leadership Council, and Heartland Ethics Committee.


1997-2006. Service as District Director for 33 institutions in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.  Organized annual conventions for student research presentations, reviewed student research proposals, installed eight new chapters.



1993 – Present. Institutional Service to Missouri Western State University: Service on the Missouri Western Strategic Planning, Strategic Plan Implementation Fund, Western Institute planning, Institutional Animal Care and Use, Professional Leave, Student Excellence Fund Evaluation committees and search committees for the Grants Director, assistant to the VPAA, Western Institute Dean, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University President.

2009, 2011. Served as panel reviewer of National Science Foundation in , Washington, D.C. (2009) Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences (UBM); (2011) TUES: Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science; (2011) Networks, Synthetic Biology, and Evolution.

2007. Served as external reviewer of Culver Stockton College Biology Program. 


2000. Served as panel chairperson for peer review of National Science Foundation Curriculum Course and Laboratory Improvement proposals, Washington, D.C.


2006–Present.  Service as Chairperson of the Missouri Western Biology Department.


2002-Present. Contributed to the development and ongoing administration of the Missouri Western Summer Research Institute, in which teams of faculty, undergraduates, and high school students engage in research in diverse disciplines. Led research teams in each summer.


1996-Present. Ashley, Cronk, Eckdahl, Wann.  Creation and continued coordination of Missouri Western Multidisciplinary Research Day, over 1000 student presentations to date.